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Sitzecke und Medienstation im Vorraum der Mendelssohn-Remise: mit dem Stammbaum der Mendelssohns über 7 Generationen, mit Interviews zur Familiengeschichte im "Dritten Reich", mit einer szenischen Aufführung des 1. Singspiels von Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy sowie weiteren Musikbeispielen.
Additional information
Media station
A media station in the foyer of the Mendelssohn-Remise supplements the permanent exhibition.

Foreign languages
Written guides to the exhibition in English und Russian are available in the foyer.

Tours and school field trips
Guided tours are available that retrace the story of the Mendelssohn family and their contemporaries at various historic locations in and around Jägerstraße. Please see: Events.
Upon request, special classroom tours of the exhibition can be arranged.

Books and other media dealing with the history of the Mendelssohn family and of Jägerstrasse in Berlin are offered for sale in the foyer. Please see: Book Sales.

Reference library
A small reference library is available in the foyer. Please see: Reference Library.